Is Alturge’s New Backup System Right for You?

Until recently, enterprise backup systems have been financially out of reach for many SMEs. Alturge has introduced a new generation back- up which is also wallet-friendly.

We will be switching our clients over in due course and only supporting our new backup in the future.

Here are some of the benefits of our new Alt Backup:

  • On Premises or Cloud backup– Automated backups can be stored on-premises or over the cloud on google drive, one drive, dropbox, AWS and Azure.
  • Protect all your data, not just some of it – If the unthinkable happens, be confident all your critical data is backed up and can be recovered quickly and easily.
  • Reduces Vulnerability of Ransomware – Reduce vulnerability and exposure to the threat of ransomware with Ransomware Resilience.
  • Business continuity – If your server fails, you can get the files from backup immediately and you can be running again in less than half an hour. If the office is inaccessible you can access the backup in the Cloud and all your staff can work remotely.
  • Secure backup from end to end – all backups, in transit and on the local server and Cloud, are encrypted.

Contact Alturge today to find out more about implementing AltBackup Pro by email at [email protected]